7. Rules

7.1 Preparations

As an employee of Nordic Crane Kynningsrud, you are expected to
arrive to the workplace well in advance. You are not allowed to leave
the workplace without permission before the end of the working
hours, except during the scheduled breaks. You must follow the
contractor's working hours when necessary.

If you can’t go to work, you must inform your boss about the
absence and reason for this as soon as possible.

In addition, you are not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol
or drugs as you have to be in a state that allows you to perform your
work in a safe manner.

The company's uniforms and personal safety gear should be used as
described. As an employee, you are the public face of the company
and expected to follow the company's vision and values.

7.2 Machines/Equipment

The operating manual is the main manual for the use of machines
and equipment.

  • You shall have the necessary training for the machines and
    the equipment used.

  • The work is not finished until tools and equipment are
    cleaned and placed in their correct locations.

  • Extension cables, welding cables and air hoses should be
    rolled and hung up when work is completed.

  • Lifting tools such as hook blocks, straps, jack-screw and the
    like should always be taken down when the work is finished
    and stored in a suitable place.

  • Cargo and gear must be lashed and fastened properly during

  • Lifting equipment must be checked before use to detect any

7.3 General rules

  • Safety equipment and tools intended for the task must be
    available before the work commence.

  • Emergency exits must be accessible. There should always be
    easy access to alarm, fire and safety equipment.

  • Remember to always store combustible material at a safe
    distance from ignition sources.

  • Crane operators should only follow signals from the
    designated signalman. Stop signals from other people shall
    also be followed.

  • Never walk under suspended cargo. Warn others who are near
    the danger zone.

  • Mobile phone may not be used while lifting is in progress.
    Mobile phones/tablets may only be used during working hours
    when necessary.

  • There is a smoking ban on the Nordic Crane Kynningsruds
    premises, in the vehicles and the machines. Follow the
    contractor's request; smoking is only allowed in designated

  • Reparation or adjustments to safety equipment may only be
    made after approval by the workshop/maintenance
    department or supplier.

  • The duty of loyalty implies that employees must protect the
    employer's interests and do not act in such a way as to
    damage the company's reputation or business.

  • Nordic Crane Kynningsrud encourages employees to carefully
    think before expressing opinions or post pictures related to
    the job/colleagues on social media or private blogs, etc.

7.4 Chemical products

Chemical products must be registered, and risk assessed in our
chemicals register.

To prevent accidents and health hazards that may occur when
handling chemicals, there must be a safety data sheet available
where the product is used.

Carefully read the safety data sheet before starting work and in case
of an accident it shall be brought to the doctor.

Paint and chemicals must be stored in special premises or

Never work with unknown chemical products!

Waste management must be done according to individual product
requirements, routines at the individual workplace and in a correct


7.5 Tidiness

You must follow instructions from your supervisor, do the work to
the best of one’s ability, and handle inventory, materials, machines,
tools, etc. with caution.

Everyone must accept that they have a personal responsibility to
maintain a good personal attitude and behave in a way that
considers the environment they are in.

Oil spill must be immediately disposed of and reported. Cloths that
have been used to wipe up oil, or related products, may be
flammable. These should therefore be disposed immediately in
metal containers approved for this purpose.

7.6 Code of conduct (with clients and suppliers)

It is expected that you act politely and correct towards the
company's clients and suppliers.

You are not allowed to get financial benefits from customers you
interact with on behalf of the company.

Our employees are the company's public face and our most
important people when it comes to showing that Nordic Crane
Kynningsrud stands for its visions and values.

7.7 Breach of safety rules/routines

If an employee acts negligently, deliberately removes or harms
safety equipment or violates safety rules/practices that are
determined internally, do not comply with client requirements or do
not comply with applicable laws/regulations, the main rule is the
following action patterns:

1. Offense - Meeting, verbal warning
2. Offense - Meeting, written warning
3. Offense - Dismissal/termination of contract

Serious breaches involve direct written warning (possibly a verbal
warning). Breaches are reported to the CEO and HSE-manager. The
warning applies for two years starting from when it was given.

The leader of the company, or his authorized representative, may
with immediate effect dismiss workers from the workplace if the
employee has committed a gross breach of our safety rules or
otherwise violated the employment contract.

Examples of serious violations of safety rules:

  • Disconnecting the crane's safety system (if it is not necessary
    according to the instruction manual regarding

  • To perform lift operations with overload according to machine
    lift chart.

  • Arriving to work/work under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

  • To commit serious or repeated offenses that may endanger life
    and health, or danger of destruction/damage to materials,
    machinery and equipment, etc.