6. Safety organisation

6 Arbeidsreglement - 1600

6.1 Responsibility

The CEO and the board of directors are responsible for the safety of
the organization. The CEO is responsible for the training and for the
daily follow-up.

The CEO, if necessary in collaboration with the company's HSE-
coordinator, is responsible for the safety coordination between
operation and others.

Everyone working for Nordic Crane Kynningsrud is responsible for
maintaining a high level of safety. Everyone must comply with the
rules and the regulations that exist, and the use of safety equipment

6.2 Safety representative

The safety representatives are the employees representatives in
health, environmental and safety matters. The safety representative
is responsible for ensuring that the requirements for health, safety
and the environment are met and that the work is planned, organized and implemented in the company according to these matters. Safety representatives attends HSE/Safety committee meetings and shall perform safety rounds in cooperation with HSE coordinators and/or managers.