5. Safety documentation

All employees must always comply with the rules stated in the
company’s safety documentation, or on their own initiative use
available security documents in their work.

Nordic Crane Kynningsrud has an internal control system that
ensures that we work according to the laws and requirements that
apply to our business, as well to minimize the risks in our work.

5.1 Machine/vehicle specific education

The supervisor/manager shall ensure that the employees receive the
necessary training (practical and theoretical) on the specific work
equipment to be used. It must be documented in writing which work
equipment the education is about, who has been responsible for the
education and who has received the education.

5.2 Risk assessment

Shall always be performed before each crane operation and
documented in the specification of transport order. A risk
assessment shall be carried out on all lift operations performed.

5.3 Safe Job Analysis (SJA)

Shall be performed in cases where work is not done according to
routine operations. The SJA should always be used for tandem
lifting operations, assembly/disassembly from height, blind lifts or
lift of personnel in basket. SJA must be used in case of demand
from management, clients or by your own evaluation.

5.4 Tool-Box meeting

Used as a review or when there are changes in conditions during
lift operations. Can also be used as documentation during minute

5.5 Incident reporting

All accidents, injuries, undesired events, hazardous conditions and
deviations must be reported immediately to the nearest manager.

If you believe that work cannot continue without danger to life and
health, you must cancel work and contact your supervisor/manager
to assess the situation together with you.

Report in Simpli App or by incident reporting check list.

Submit the report as soon as possible. The report is processed in the
deviation system. The HSE-coordinator then decides who is
responsible for further action.

Reporting deficiencies that can lead to injuries and/or dangerous situations will help to prevent accidents.

Traffic accident
In the event of an accident that is a subject to the road traffic rules, the "Damage Report - Motor Vehicle" form from the insurance company must be completed and handed to your supervisor.

5.6 Machine report

The machine report must be submitted weekly. The machine report
is our tool for documenting the driver's control of technical devices,
safety systems and maintenance, as well as reporting errors and

The operating manual must be used as a guide to maintenance for all
equipment maintenance.

See also Procedure - Description for using machine report, and
routine for submitting machine report